revitalizing the community through educational achievement, civic engagement, and fostering a vibrant arts scene.

The Womanist Project is a non-profit that focuses on revitalizes low-income, underserved African Americans.

We do that through rebuilding infrastructures enriched with African culture and values. Our goal is to provide resources for people to thrive in their communities—high-functioning schools, substantive commercial districts, civic engagement, and a vibrant arts scene—by engaging community members in educational and cultural programs, and creating institutions that benefit all members of the community.

Individuals thrive when they live in strong, stable, communities.

Individuals thrive when they live in strong, stable communities. Beyond ideals, the real hard work of social change requires commitment to and sustained community-grounded effort. Therefore, we focus a lot of our efforts on empowering and building the capacities of members that make up the community to enact lasting change and impact.

The Womanist Project hopes to inform and inspire discussions of the African American experience.

We offer programs to expand educational opportunities, employment, cultural and civic engagement, economic prosperity and housing opportunities for community members.